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The artwork of Bellezza Fine Art Designs is created by Cathy Laurenzi with help from her husband, Mark Prynoski. Cathy and Mark travel throughout Florida selling her work at fine art festivals.

Cathy and Mark Portrait

Cathy Laurenzi
Artist Bio

After 16 years as an accounting professional, Cathy Laurenzi left the business world to pursue her life-long passion for photography.  In the years prior to making fine art photography a full-time career, she found herself devoting all of her free time to creative and artistic endeavors.   Starting with her known love of photography, she quickly became involved in the new and growing field of digital art. 

Her love of nature and travel drives the subject matter of her work.  While many of the pieces she displays are untouched photographs, others are enhanced with various digital art techniques. Her style of digital art varies with each image. She approaches each photograph with the goal of creating a work of art that allows the viewer to focus on her interpretaion of the what is important in the scene.

Cathy has taken various classes in photography and digital art software. She remains actively engaged with other photographers and artists and is currently a member of the Gainesville Fine Art Association.  She travels frequently to take photographs, keeping her portfolio of images new and fresh.  From September through May she displays and sells her work in art shows throughout Florida.





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